Employee Benefit Plans for Small
and Medium Sized Business

We offer one of the lowest cost Private Health
Services Plans (PHSP) across Canada

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A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) is for small and medium sized businesses to provide superior employee benefits through a health and dental plan with a modest flat 5% fee. The owners and their employees receive comprehensive medical coverage while enjoying substantial tax savings. A PHSP is a low-cost alternative to health and dental coverage under a monthly-premium based Insured Plan.

Main Distinguishing Features of a PHSP

The Benefits of a PHSP for the One Person Business


This category of businesses would include sole proprietors, self-employed, and contractors, as well as incorporated consultants, tradesmen, and professional corporations. This size of business enjoys the greatest tax advantage with a PHSP. Since your family will incur these health and dental expenses regardless, you will now enjoy a 100% tax deduction for your family medical benefits. Every established business in this category should have a PHSP for self-employed benefits.

For the average family in Canada, the annual medical expenses can easily amount to $2000. A typical, healthy, family may only need to have a visit to the dentist for each family member, a pair of glasses, and a few prescription drugs to reach that amount. Depending on your personal tax rate and province of residence, your savings with a Brock Health Administration Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) can range from $350 to $850.

The Benefits of a PHSP for the Small Business


These businesses would include sole proprietorships or corporations that have employees who are non-family members. Now, your health and dental coverage is a cost right off the bottom line, so you are looking at cost versus value. You want to minimize your health and dental plan liability and still maximize the net staffing results for your employee benefits.

The Benefits of a PHSP for the Medium Sized Business


This category of businesses would include those who have now grown to a dozen or more employees. While still enjoying the tax advantages and employee benefits of the previous categories, you could now be faced with privacy concerns and the workload of your administrative staff responsible for submission of health and dental plan claims. Brock Health can help with no additional charges. We offer several options for prepaid plans to handle the additional administration for the same low fee.

Brock Health Administration offers one of the lowest cost PHSP health and dental plans in Canada. We are based in Alberta and we are assisting over 3000 customers in every province and territory from Newfoundland & Labrador to British Columbia. If you own a business, regardless of whether it is incorporated or not, you can start saving money now. Ask your accountant or HR advisor about a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) and register today.